Stick Making

Our wooden lacrosse sticks are made from hardwood hickory tree. It is believed that everything in this world has been given a purpose by the Creator, therefore it's the hickory tree's purpose to be made into lacrosse sticks for it's strength and flexibility.

As one of the most dense and resilient woods native to North America, the hickory can also be steamed and bent to create the lacrosse stick, yet still retain its shock-resistant abilities after being reshaped. The wood teaches players a lesson in maintaining a balance of strength and flexibility; characteristics every player must have to be successful in the game.

Traditional Lacrosse sticks are hand-crafted by multiple Akwesasne Mohawk men, led by head stick makers Lawrence Leaf and Evan Cree.

Owner, Head Stick Carver

Evan is the owner of Traditional Lacrosse and is the person who had the idea to create the company. He wanted to bring back awareness about the culture of the game and Traditional Lacrosse was the beginning of a way to do that. He feels its the best way they can share the significance of the game is through the production of our wooden sticks.

Evan's Family ran a lacrosse stick factory in the 70's and over the years ownership changed, but he grew up around lacrosse factories. To have the chance to not only be involved in a lacrosse factory, but to do the actual stick making production has been a great experience for Evan.

"Carving and all of the steps that go into making a stick ties you to the game more than even playing can. It binds you to the game."

Head Stick Carver

Larry started making sticks in 1972 after watching local elders and his father carve wooden lacrosse sticks. He said that there was not really any formal training, but a great deal of observation until he picked up a draw knife to try it out for himself.

Having been with Traditional Lacrosse since the very beginning, Larry has been instrumental in guiding the up and coming young stick makers at Traditional Lacrosse.

"I enjoy making the sticks and like to see the end result of a stick that comes from the raw material."